Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)

45 min
Topical numbing creams
What to expect after:
Slight redness in treated areas
Time off work:
Visible skin rejuvenation after 4-6 weeks

PRP treatment in Winterthur

The PRP treatment (platelet rich plasma), also known as vampire lift, induces a natural rejuvenation of the skin due to the autologous regenerating properties of the blood plasma and the contained growth factors. PRP is an optimal addition to the classic wrinkle treatments such as fillers or Co2 fractional laser therapy.

How does the vampire lift work?

PRP (platelet-rich plasma is obtained from the patient’s own blood using a special centrifuge and then injected under the skin or used as a topical treatment after laser or microneedling procedures to speed up the healing process and improve results. Since this treatment method involves extracting the patient’s blood, this procedure is also referred to as vampire lift, vampire filler, plasma lift or Dracula facelift. The plasma contains many active ingredients which promote regeneration of the deeper layers of the skin and thus lead to an improved skin surface and general rejuvenation. This is achieved through the activation of the connective tissue cells (fibroblasts), which are responsible for the production of elastin as well as collagen.

In which areas can PRP be applied?

We recommend PRP treatments for the face, back or decolleté. However, the treatment is suitable for all body regions and for all skin types, in particular for:

  • Optimizing of skin surface and texture
  • Skin tightening and wrinkle smoothing
  • Stimulation of hair growth