Jet Peel treatment in Winterthur

60 min
What to expect after:
Slight redness
Time off work:
Refined pores and a rosy glow

JetPeel® treatment in Winterthur

JetPeel, an innovative skin rejuvenation system, employs a technology from the aerospace industry. JetPeel achieves results that were previously only possible with deep peels, hyaluronic injections and other elaborate procedures – without pain or side effects.

How does JetPeel work?

A water-gas mixture meets microscopically small nozzles and gently removes dead horn cells at 200 m/s (720h/km). The skin is massaged and deep-cleansed, while the cooling effect stimulates blood circulation. Subsequently, highly effective substances such as JetPeel hyaluron, bio-peptides and vitamins are introduced into the now very receptive skin.

What can expected from the treatment?

The skin regains its healthy complexion, looks fuller and younger, small wrinkles disappear. The circulation is improved by the treatment, the skin regains its moisture and the musculature is toned. At the same time dead skin cells are removed from the skin surface.

How many treatments are recommended?

The treatment can be carried in any season and for all skin types. Initially, 3-4 treatments are performed at 1-2 week intervals. To keep the skin looking fresh, 1-2 repeat treatments are recommended every 4-6 months. JetPeel is also suitable as a glamour fresh-up before a special occasion.